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Austria - Tirol - Kallkoegel

....Between the old and the new,
between a rock and a hard place inbeeeetwiiiin. how many can we be under the skin?...

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Italy - Dolomites - somewhere up there

Austria - Tirol - Hike and Fly Rofan

The Rofan traverse by fair means.
Rofan Traverse - Hike and Fly (AYVRI track) - 2200hm+, 25 k (map)
Zwoelferkopf - Hike and Fly (AYVRI track) - 600hm+, 5 km (map)
Hike and fly day in the Rofan. We hiked up with the flying equipment, did a bunch of summits, some Klettersteig and we flew down after dinner ;-). We flew right after the strong Fhoen wind stopped hitting hard..... conditions where flyable but well sketchy (rotors, wing collapses and the usual 2.0 fun stuff!). No wonder we have been the only two pilots flying in the area that day.
From Maurach to the Dalfaz alm, then summiting the Klobenjoch, the Streichkopf, the Hochiss, the Spieljoch and the Rosskopf carrying all the fly equipment. Ca 2200hm+ and 25 km of hike  plus the little 30 min scenic fly at the end of the day! In dream light but windy conditions...
The next day we quickly hiked up the Zwoelferkopf and in great N-wind we soared on its nord slope.
I uploaded two videos of the flights at the end of this post.

Austria - Tirol - Elfer Hike, Fly, Thermich!

Nice training day with Matze and Thomas playing around with the strong N-wind and the good thermich conditions.

Austria - Tirol -MicroWenden

...awesome rock quality, ....long approach, .....wild and seldomly climbed, ......a nice day out ;-)