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Italy - Dolomites - skitouring

Known for its breathtaking panoramic views, rich history, endless outdoor activities, and gourmet food fit for the gods, the Dolomite Mountains  got quite some snow this winter.
I would say way above average by now ;-)

I 5 days we got some skitours done on megaclassics like Tofana  and Cristallo plus a little pearl of the Sassonger ascent and descending the Valscura couloir (something i saw years ago from the front ski area and i tough to be impossible to turned out to be a classic of steep skiing in the dolomites...sooo we gave it a try ;-)

Sassonger, Valscura: as i saw it the first time few years ago........ a beautiful line. On the left the McConkey Ledge.

Moreover, the nice warm conditions on the south sides gave us the possibility to climb a good rock route (Delenda Cartago, 6 pitches 200m ca)  on the first Sella tower up at 2200m of the Sella Pass.

So in five days we got done:

  1. Sassonger 2665m; via the ascent from Colfosco and descending the Valscura couloir (AD 45°sect/40° - 300m). Approx 1200m up in total. we came very close to the Shane McConkey’s ski-BASE line on the Val looks really impressive from up there...Shane died up there in March 2009 while attemting a ski base jump. Info`s here: Click                                           Due to the large amount of snow fallen this year no rappel was necessary...
  2. Cristallo Scharte 2808m; wich give us a great overview of the steep skiing potential of the area (Cristallino scharte, the Couloir 1,2 and 3 of the Creste bianche and the Couloir del Papa look awesome....). Approx 1300m up
  3. Tofana Di Rozes 3225m; where we got a great direct (not diretissima it was icy) descent on up to 40° terrain in leftover powder ;-) and after a long pause at the closed ref. Giussani (2580m) we skied great Sulz till the car.
  4. Rock climbing...yes ;-)...First Sella Tower, Delenda Carthago 200m, 6b, 6 pitches;  Delenda Carthago, established by Rolly Galvagni and Massimo Maceri in May 2002, offers elegant climbing up excellent slabs with difficulties up to 6b. Bolted on lead, there are some old pegs on the lower section of the route as this follows the "Bruno Bertoldi" climbed in 1977 and established by Callegarin & c. Given its height, short approach and quick descent, the Delenda Carthago is an ideal choice for days when the weather is unstable.....or at the end of winter ;-) Yeah.
  5. Marmolada, P.ta Penia 3343m; (PD- up to 40°) P.ta Penia is the highest peak in the Dolomites and one of the few 3000m peaks in the area which is perfectly suited for skitouring....we tackled the lower part from the dam parking lot and reached the steep funnel in due approx 2h. here we removed the skies and climbed up the 150m steep section using crampons. Due to the poor visibility conditions and the bad weather sourrounding the summit we bailed out at approx 3100m ca. 200m from the summit. The descent profited from good powder and stayed west of the col dei Bousc (the prominent rock you see on your right while ascending...) the traverse, below this point, to get back to the dam wall is anyhow to be evaluated each time as it is on steep exposed terrain...

Below the detailed tracks and maps of the skitours we did:

GPS track & map: Sassonger and Valscura Couloir
GPS track & map: Cristallo Scharte
GPS track & map: Tofana di Rozes
GPS track & map: Marmolada, P.ta Penia

some pics below:

an overview of the East wall

The way up: mod from

on the way up. Val de Mezdi` and Piz Boe`/Sella on the background

Tackling the traverse

the entrance

in on hard packed snow

finally firn...

on the large, less steep, lower section

Toward the Cristallo cirque

1st canal of the creste bianche.... ;-)sweet


South...also doable....

tracked pow


sweet pow on tofana NE

As background the Lastroni del must be a great traversee  from the NW facing valley and back the NE facing one.

Tofana di Rozes from the Ref. Giussani. Om the left p.ta Marietta

1st Torre Sella - Delenda Chartago (6b - 6 pitches)

Spring break boogie

lot of snow = lot of damages

Marmolada - Punta Penia

on the way to p.ta Penia on 20 cm fresh pow - sweet April ;-)


tracking the funnel

sweet pow


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